Members can enjoy our basketball court to practice or participate in League

Basketball League

Basketball Leagues run for 12 weeks and include playoffs. Teams are established by a draft process done by the captains. Each team composed of 5 players. Games consist of two 20 minute halves with a referee.

12 Weeks


12 Weeks



Basketball Rules are.
  1. Every team gets 5 players. It’s 4 on 4.
  2. You can pick up one player if only three show up.
  3. If only two show up,  you can pick up two players,  as long as your third player shows up by the end of halftime.
  4. Six fouls per player,  however if you only have 4 you can opt to take a technical foul to keep that player in at 5 fouls. Meaning the other team gets two uncontested free throws and possession.
  5. The three walls are out of bounds,  the line near the bench is.
  6. Once you cross half court,  the previous free throw line is back courting.
  7. No three pointers
  8. Three timeouts per team per half.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What should I wear?
    You will need a RAC provided reversible/numbered jersey. (Please purchase Jersey at the front desk).
  • Basketball sneakers.

League services


To officiate the game.


A coordinator for the league


To score and run the time clock