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October 18, 2021

Is a Personal Trainer *ACTUALLY* Worth It?!

So let’s be honest first; I used to think that a personal trainer was a huge gimmick that they tried to hustle you into when you first joined a gym. I had this wild belief that unless this trainer could make me look like a supermodel or an athlete, then there is absolutely no way that it would be worth it. Well as I have gotten a little older and wiser, let me tell you that my opinion has most definitely transformed. Hear me out because I was once just as skeptical as you!

MOTIVATION – Most people will agree that as we get older and life gets busier, the motivation to workout becomes a little less.  Motivating yourself to get to the gym is almost the hardest part; being productive once you get there might have it beat. If you are anything like me, you might need the reminder that staring at workouts on your phone for 45 minutes does not actually count as working out. A trainer motivates you to get to the gym and literally tells you what to do once you get there. They want to make sure that you are productive during your time at the gym. Creating goals and reaching milestones with your trainer will ignite that little spark for exercising that you may not have even known was there.

ACCOUNTABILITY& CONSISTENCY- The exercise spark has come back a little, but we all know how easily that spark blows out after a couple weeks. A trainer is there to hold you accountable and to remind you that you wanted this. They will not let you forget because it’s literally their job. You now have someone to answer to if you didn’t work out at all since your last meeting and it will be obvious. Feeling their disappointment and the pain of your now difficult work out should serve as a lesson to put in the work. The expectations of your trainer outside of your training session hold you accountable and create consistency.  Their mission is to keep the spark alive, create strong habits, and build strength so that you may create a healthy routine and accomplish your goals.

CONFIDENCE- So you joined a new gym, but how much of the equipment do you actually know how to use? How much of it will you probably not take advantage of because of your comfort level? I have definitely been in this boat before. It is intimidating to sometimes try something new, but what if you could ask for help? A trainer will not only serve as a guide to navigate your new gym, but they will work with you to build a routine. In a short time, you will feel more comfortable with the equipment and a routine to ensure that you are getting the most out of your new gym!

KNOWLEDGE& SAFETY– A personal trainer is basically a teacher. They are there to teach you how to work out, but in a way that is best for you. As they get to know you, they learn your strengths and weaknesses and tailor each workout specifically for you. Working with you to meet your personal fitness goals in the most efficient and safest way possible is their priority. With their knowledge, they will guide you through your new routine with correct form and precautions when necessary. The mission of your trainer becomes keeping both you and your body heathy for years to come!

Trust me, Try a trainer and you will not be sorry that you did!

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November 25, 2020

When it comes to working out, having a friend along for the ride – or lift – can be beneficial. The gym can be an intimidating place. When you join the gym with a friend, you hold each other accountable and motivate each other. If you go with a companion you are more likely to try new classes, experiment, and different types of exercise. There is also always that opportunity for friendly competition when exercising with a buddy. This makes the experience more pleasurable and makes the time seem to pass faster because you are distracted. While you recover together you can reflect on and celebrate the goals you have attained. Joining the gym with a friend can be extremely beneficial!

      Arielle, Emily, Katelyn and Tanya joined the Raynham Athletic Club as Workout Buddies on August 14th. I met with them a couple of weeks after joining. Each came with their own reasons for returning to exercise but knew joining together would help them achieve their goals. 

Katelyn was rejoining the gym as “selfcare” and was pleased that Childcare came free with the membership. Her three children enjoyed their first childcare experience so much that they started asking their mom when she was attending the gym. 

Tanya has back issues and wanted to work at strengthening it. Tanya was pleased that after attending a class, Group Fitness Instructor, Dawn, informed her that she would help her with her back. Due to birthing two children, she also felt her midsection needed improvement and she wanted to feel better about herself. 

Arielle was looking forward to using the circuit and improving the appearance of her butt. 

     Now two months later, they continue to workout together regularly. They feel the RAC has a different atmosphere then other gyms. “Everyone is so friendly and supportive, a definite community,” states Katelyn.  I attended a class with them a couple of nights ago. Afterwards the Group Fitness Instructor, Carla, posted a photo on Facebook from class. It pleased me to see Katelyn and Tanya’s posts below the picture. Tanya commented, “We killed itttt!” Katelyn responded with, “Yea we did!!!! Our muscles are starting to show!” They have developed a weekly routine of different classes that they attend together.  One class they love is Dawn’s Muscle Mix. She states, “they have been consistent and because of this can feel themselves getting stronger”. On Facebook they created a group called Gym Gals. Here they remind each other to sign up for class and check in at the RAC when they come in and tag each other because this holds them accountable. According to Emily, “my friends keep me motivated”. Their children now also consider themselves “Childcare Buddies” and look forward to engaging with each other nightly. Another class that these Workout Buddies have enjoyed is Yoga with Ann Marie.


As Susan Trainor states, “Let the enthusiasm and energy of the group be your fuel.” Arielle, Emily, Katelyn, and Tanya continue to fuel each other and because of that, I have no doubt they will continue to be successful!


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November 25, 2020

    In October the Raynham Athletic Club (RAC) and the Bridgewater Raynham Regional High School Transition Partnership Program (TPP) formed a partnership. This collaboration has proven beneficial to both parties. 

     The RAC gained staff that work incredibly hard with a positive attitude. The students help maintain the facilities cleanliness by disinfecting machines, floors, weights, etc. They also fill the hand sanitizing bottles, fill the spray bottles, and make sure the rooms are properly supplied with paper towels. Next spring and summer when you see the beautiful flowers blooming near our entrance, you will have to thank the students. They spent time planting, trimming, and weeding the area. Students have also worked in the childcare, interacting with the children, cleaning the toys, and making craft projects. Other jobs the students have completed are bulletin boards, trash pickup, shredding, and signs. The students arrive with smiles, determined to learn skills that will help benefit them when they are searching for jobs in the future. Before they leave, they check in and communicate with the RAC staff letting them know what they have completed and advocate for themselves. Their hard work does not go unnoticed and we at the RAC are very appreciative of them!

     The TPP students were interviewed by Shanzai, a RAC staff member, about what they have gained while working at the RAC. Please see their responses below.


 Tori (Age 19)

-What would you change about working here?

Tori would not change anything about working here! She enjoys working here just as it is. The RAC makes her feel amazing because she is learning new life skills and she has a fun job.  She loves getting to know her wonderful coworkers and managers and she loves getting the work experience.

-What are some goals you hope to accomplish here at the RAC?

Tori hopes to get to know more people at the RAC, and work on her ability to communicate with people. She would love to learn more life skills and learn how to improve her cleaning and organizing skills.


Vicki (Age 18)

-What skills have you improved while working here?

Vicki has improved her organization and cleaning skills. She has also learned how to become more time sensitive and work with pool equipment. 

-What skills do you hope to improve as you continue to work here?

Vicki hopes to become quicker  and more efficient when mopping the floors, in order to keep the RAC nice and clean. Vicki hopes to work on speaking in a more professional manner when she is at a workplace. 

-How has the RAC affected you in a positive way?

Vicki is, “always excited to come here and see everyone.” She looks forward to coming to work on time and greeting the staff here at the RAC. 


Angelo (Age 20)

-What is your favorite job to do at the RAC?

Angelo’s favorite job is to “clean the floor”, because he likes to “kill germs and keep things super clean”. 

-What skills do you hope to improve as you continue to work here?

Angelo would love to learn how to use the weights, so that he can become super strong. He would also like to become fast and efficient when working. 

-What are some goals you hope to accomplish here at the RAC?

Angelo wants to “have a good attitude” and learn how to be more responsible while he continues to work hard at the RAC.


James (Age 19)

-What skills have you improved while working here? 

James has learned to achieve a better quality of work and that work is done more effectively when teamwork is involved. He also was able to improve his cleaning skills and has learned how to move the exercise bikes. 

-How has the RAC affected you in a positive way?

The RAC has given James an introduction to potential careers in the future and it allows him to put his Eagle skills to use.

-What are some goals you hope to accomplish here at the RAC?

James wishes to help out more because he simply enjoys working here at the RAC.


Ashley Distasio (Age 19)

-What have you learned working here?

Ashley said, “Teamwork makes the dreamwork.” She has learned the importance of working as a team.  She is also now able to clean weights and blow up the Aquatrac. 

-What would you change about working here?

Ashley stated, “Work here more”, because she loves to socialize with the staff and members at the RAC.

-What skills do you hope to improve as you continue to work here? 

Ashley hopes to gain new responsibilities and learn how to do new things. 

-How has the RAC affected you in a positive way?

The RAC. has given Ashley the opportunity to be her social bubbly self. 


Jerek (Age 20)

-What have you learned working here?

Jerek loves to come here, work hard because he feels as if he is giving back to his community. 

-What skills have you improved while working here? 

Jerek believes his social skills have grown and he has learned to be efficient. 

-How has the RAC affected you in a positive way?

Whenever he is at the RAC, Jerek has a big smile that really lights the room.  It makes him happy that people come here and put effort into becoming healthier.